During this terribly trying time, we have a lot of wonderful “heroes” you hear about every day. I don’t think we hear enough about our teachers. You are my HEROES! I think some do not realize the work you still do while being at home. Teaching online, phone calls to parents, grading all weekend, worrying about your students, opening daycares for first responders and so much more. So many have come in here with home made sanitizer, masks and little gifts for us. WE should be giving to you.

Thanks to the Treasures 4 Teachers in Tempe and Kids In Need Foundation we have glue this week, while it lasts.

We will try to have some “Feel Good” items for you throughout the summer. Hooray for all TEACHERS!! We sooo appreciate you! THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US HERE!! 👏👏👩‍🏫👨‍🏫💕