Give Them The Tools! 

Mission: To provide educators with free to low-cost, hands-on interactive learning materials for use in their classrooms through donated and re-purposed items, as well as for raising funds to support this purpose. 

Our resource center has a wide variety of unique and useful materials you might spend days or weeks trying to find.  Whether it’s plastic bottle caps and fabric scraps or golf balls and office supplies, T4TT has many items to make your job easier and more rewarding.

  • Teachers Getting Affordable Education Materials
    It is standard practice for teachers to supply resources for the classroom needs. This creates a financial burden on them and their families. We lighten that burden for them.

  • Provide Challenging Learning for Children
    Many schools and districts do not have the funds to purchase basic learning supplies, much less add-on materials. We offer teachers a wide array of tools and teaching supplies.

  • Help Us To Save A Landfill
    We re-purpose a variety of items with school-room use that would otherwise be thrown away. We offer business a smart, cost-effective alternative to “scrapping” their excess supplies…saving money and saving the earth.

    Don’t have surplus materials to donate?  T4T T also accepts your tax deductible cash contributions.  Every dollar you donate to T4T T allows teachers to take back $20 or more worth of supplies back to the classroom. T4T T also needs volunteers to collect, sort, and compile materials.  We welcome corporate volunteer groups. 

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