What do you throw away?
We need your help!

We look for clean, safe, and interesting donations that will support our local teachers and students while at the same time preserving our environment. You can drop off donations at the back of our building during the hours we are open.
We stop donations 1/2 hour before closing.
Please DO NOT drop donations at our front or back door when we are not there. They will just get put in the trash.

Please call first to make sure someone is there.
We can give you a tax deductible donation receipt, just call us at 520-425-3956

Here are some of the things we are always looking for:

☺ 35 millimeter film containers
☺ Art Supplies (new and used)
☺ Baby Food Jars
☺ Baskets
☺ Feathers
☺ Books(children and teachers)
☺ Bottle Caps (all kinds and sizes)
☺ Calendars with Pictures 2023 or newer
☺ Tissues
☺ Coffee Cans (metal) with lids
☺ Paper (white & color)
☺ Corks
☺ Colored Pencils
☺ Craft kits and misc. crafting items
☺ Dry Erase Markers
☺ Sharpeners
☺ Egg Cartons
☺ Fabric
☺ Greeting Cards (New/Unused)
☺ Golf Tees & Pencils
☺ Jewelry & Beads
☺ Keys & key chains
☺ Small Brown Paper Bags
☺ Lined paper
☺ Magnets
☺ Metal lids from OJ cans
☺ Office Supplies (file trays, staplers, post it notes)
☺ Old Flash drives
☺ Paper towel & TP tubes
☺ Ziploc snack bags (new)
☺ Pringles Cans with lids
☺ Promotional Items(stress balls, keychains, etc)
☺ Pencil grips
☺ School Supplies (pencils, pencil cases, markers, paint, glue, crayons)
☺ Small tools
☺ Small furniture (chairs, file cabinets, bulletin boards, bookshelves)
☺ Spools, empty
☺ Tape
☺ Toothpicks
☺ Washers & Nuts
☺ Velcro
☺ Zip ties

Call us before you throw anything away


THANK YOU for your donation. .

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